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Having played in bands and writing songs since he was 15, Matt formed The
Department of Nostrum in 2016, joining with Tim playing at pubs and parties
around Melbourne – although officially The Department of Nostrum began in 2011 as
an improvised Podcast with the two and other friends a few years earlier. That
sense of experiment and fun from the early days of impro has transitioned into
the Department’s musical stylings – a unique blend of folk, pop, rock, country
and satire. The group have taken their tunes around the world, performing at
the 2017 Ghent festival and recording tracks in Sweden and Spain. In 2018 the
group have taken things to the next level, with regular gigs around Melbourne,
planned expansions to the Department and they’re also very excited to be
launching their debut EP in the coming months. Make sure you stay tuned to and

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